YW Calgary

Services provided

  • Content Development
  • Design Strategy
  • Exhibition / Tradeshow Design
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy


When YW Calgary wanted to celebrate 150 of the city’s pioneering, community-building women, past and present, as part of Canada’s sesquicentennial, they put out a call for proposals and selected Frank to bring the ambitious She Who Dares project to life.

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YW sought an approach to the exhibit that would reflect the tremendous diversity of the women being honoured and amplify their many achievements and contributions.

Striving to give voice to the 150 trailblazing women, past and present, in a way that would be engaging, meaningful and memorable, Frank developed an approach that delivers a rich and layered experience for a diverse audience.

Mobilizing a team of researchers and writers, Frank married content and design on a tight budget and short deadline to create a visually arresting and interactive exhibit that delivered on YW’s vision, built the organization’s brand and captured the imagination of the public.

To bring She Who Dares into existence, Frank designed and created cost-effective, lightweight, durable and easy-to-transport exhibit elements that could be quickly reconfigured for different exhibition spaces and audiences.

The team’s approach to She Who Dares maximized the impact for YW by treating the subject matter with care and respect, while making the exhibit flexible and interactive – including engaging the audience to provide feedback on the stories within the exhibit, providing many paths through the stories, gamifying the exhibit for younger audience members and creating additional layers of experience through the use of 3-D glasses.

The public launch of She Who Dares attracted hundreds of attendees and significant media attention, providing positive profile for YW Calgary and helping to advance the organization’s advocacy and community-building work.

Deanna Holt
Community Engagement Specialist,
YW Calgary

Throughout the project, Frank Design Strategy brought options to the table with almost every decision we made. They have mastered the creative and technical aspects of their work, and we were THRILLED with the final results. This was a once in a lifetime project for YW, and through this team, we created something completely original that appropriately reflects our brand, mission and vision.

Rita Sasges
Creative Director

We designed the installation to be portable, flexible and timely. This means that tear-down and installation can happen quickly and be configured to suit any environment or location.