Sasges Inc.

Services Provided

  • Content Development
  • Publication Design

Awards and Recognition

Graphis 2013

How Magazine 2013
International Design Awards

Coupe Magazine 2012
Best in Show

Mohawk Show 12
Best in Show

Neenah Unshow 2012

How do you make work fun?

While Frank is serious about business and solving problems, we also believe that sometimes work should be fun and irreverent. That’s why we view self-promotion projects as a opportunity to indulge our team’s creative whims and fantasies.

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Our Goat Book – created when we were previously Sasges Inc. – is what happens when our whole studio pulls together – and plays together. It’s an entire book dedicated to quirky, mischievous and fascinating creatures. The book was spoken about for years and finally came together over one feverous weekend in what we now like to call the Design Olympics. We worked with one of our favourite photographers, Victor Penner, and two of our favourite illustrators, Lauren Tamaki and Marco Cibola, to tell the story of goats. Filled with photography, illustrations, recipes and goat miscellany, the book was a joyful collaboration and a true labour of love.

It's a fact

During the research of the book we found a website where you could value yourself in goats – another quirky way of looking at this fascinating animal. The staff at Frank had a combined value of 51 goats.