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How do you re-envision real-estate marketing?

M2i Development Corporation is a new Calgary real estate developer. The company’s first project represented a rare offering: the creation of a new residential development within Calgary’s oldest community.

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Having acquired an Inglewood property that had been abandoned by a previous developer after the construction of a single condominium building, M2i’s vision was to use the site to develop a multi-building urban village that, while distinct, would be very much a part of Inglewood.

Frank was called on to “re-envision” real-estate marketing. M2i wanted an unusual approach to naming, branding and marketing the urban village and its first new condo building. In addition to generating pre-construction condo sales, M2i wanted to reassure existing Inglewood residents of its intention to play an active role in the community, while respecting its unique character and history.

In terms of audience, inclusivity was paramount. By design and price, the new condo development would be attractive to anyone who is drawn to life in the inner city.

The initial challenge was to name and brand the new community and its first new building. Working with the M2i team, we determined that SoBow (south of the Bow) would best describe and portray the new community. 1912Cross, which combines a key date in Calgary’s history with a pioneering Inglewood family name, was chosen for SoBow’s new condominium building.

Overall, the marketing approach was inclusive, personal and non-traditional. There was no stock photography, and no “lifestyle” copy or imagery. Instead, potential buyers were invited to view SoBow through their own “window.”

In all aspects of the campaign, the location was leveraged – on the river, on the park, and in the inner city – highlighting Inglewood’s exceptional setting and attributes. While paying tribute to historical charm, tactics consistently highlighted the life potential buyers might enjoy by connecting with Inglewood today, and in the future.

Tactics were tactile and customized – allowing potential buyers to imagine themselves enjoying highly personalized home/community experiences. The unconventional look and feel of the campaign set SoBow apart in the condo market.

Ted Gaisford,

Frank are consummate branding professionals. From the moment they engage on a project there is never a question that they are discovering and delivering for you on all planes, and they are as fearless as they are rigorous. Frank will show you places on your big-picture map that you never knew were there (or dared to go), and will pinpoint intricacies that position you firmly where you need to be. There is no question they are committed to, and can deliver, results.