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Services Provided

  • Content Development
  • Digital & Interactive Design
  • Publication Design

Awards and Recognition

Graphis 2016 Merit

Print Magazine, Typography and Lettering Awards 2016


What does it take to honour a remarkable career?

When Enbridge CEO Pat Daniel announced his retirement, Frank was asked to create a one-of-a-kind gift. We wanted to capture the inspirational thoughts, stories and moments that had made Pat Daniel a successful leader. After consulting with our client, we chose to delve into the publication of a traditional case-bound book. This meant establishing an editorial platform and then designing a website to collect memories, advice and comments from employees, retirees and colleagues. Employee interviews and short essays on Pat’s achievements and career at Enbridge supplemented input received from the website.

The result is a 210-page book featuring personal comments, content and infographics that combine to paint a multi-layered picture of Pat’s character that typical archival material could never have captured.

It's a fact

422 Enbridge employees and retirees contributed to Pat’s book. The gathering of this content took six months using a specially designed website for employees and custom snail-mail cards for retirees.