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The Enbridge Inc. corporate brand speaks clearly, consistently and powerfully to external stakeholders. But internal brand materials were a patchwork of visual communications. Despite an existing wordmark, internal disconnects served to divide the company more than to inspire.

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To meet the challenge, Frank Design developed a comprehensive internal brand system that offered Enbridge departments, programs and initiatives a way to define and express themselves. We strove for visual consistency that would reinforce the feeling that everyone was part of the same overarching brand.

We created extensive identity guidelines that covered everything from internal brand voice to colour palette, image usage and font selection, along with a distinct hierarchy for numerous programs and departments. This successful system for visual consistency has played out across the organization and ensured that internal brands are now part of a collective that strengthens and supports the overall Enbridge brand.

In addition to the internal rebrand at the end of 2014, Frank Design provided ongoing support to Enbridge’s communications team – applying the brand system across myriad tactics and communication tools, including print publications, brochures, online intranet initiatives, and a variety of branded merchandise.

Enabled 10,000+ employees across two countries to speak with one voice.