Calgary Telus Convention Centre

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Branding
  • Content Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital & Interactive Design
  • Exhibition / Tradeshow Design
  • Interiors and Signage
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Motion Design
  • Visual Identity

Awards and Recognition

2013 International Association of Convention Centres (AIPC) Innovation Award

How do you capture Calgary’s energy?

In 2010, Calgary Economic Development awarded Frank the opportunity to develop a “people attraction” brand that would position Calgary as a vibrant city – ready to invite its audience to engage in our diverse culture, collaborative spirit and entrepreneurial drive. The result was a campaign brand with the tagline Calgary. Be Part of the Energy.

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Following a highly successful launch, Frank was asked to adapt the brand to accommodate and unite four promotional partners: Calgary Economic Development, Tourism Calgary, Meetings + Conventions Calgary and Calgary TELUS Convention Centre. Each brand extension had to be unique and true to the nature of the promotional partner’s business while reinforcing the Calgary. Be Part of the Energy family brand.

Since its inception in 1974, the Convention Centre had gone through numerous reworkings of its identity but had never effectively communicated its character or role. Extensive interviews with staff, community members and industry partners gave Frank insight into perceptions and issues that needed to be addressed.

We started by identifying the facility as “The Centre for Energy,” positioning it a catalyst – an exciting and dynamic place where people come together to collaborate, celebrate, create and innovate.

Next, we created a brand tool kit featuring consistent graphics, colour palette and editorial themes. The tool kit works across diverse platforms – from print and online ads to stationery and annual reports. Messages can easily be tailored to suit any audience or application. Elements can quickly be assembled, facilitating a cost-effective and strategic response to marketing needs as they arise. To further stretch the budget and optimize impact, the campaign synergized with Calgary’s Be Part of the Energy campaign.

Within a year, the brand had been adapted to marketing platforms ranging from website to print and online ads; from corporate stationery and to their annual report and convention swag. On sales missions to key markets, the brand stood out as noticeable and distinct from the competition. Locally, the relaunch received wide praise, and was perceived as an exciting change. Internally, the campaign has dramatically re-energized the Convention Centre team.

Heather Lundy, Calgary Telus Convention Centre

When we joined forces with Frank to rebrand the Calgary Telus Convention Centre we were in uncharted territory. We wanted a bold, distinct image that captured the spirit of the most successful convention centre in Canada. Frank proved to be an immensely innovative, collaborative partner who listened and responded to our needs, wants, and constraints – and delivered results that exceeded expectations. Our branding has a unique, intriguing, and immediately identifiable quality, setting us up for long-term success.