Calgary Telus Convention Centre, 40th Anniversary

Services Provided

  • Brand Strategy
  • Content Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Digital & Interactive Design
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy

How do you get busy people to spend time with your brand?

Calgary TELUS Convention Centre is a hospitality hub, drawing 250,000 people downtown each year. As the Centre approached its 40th anniversary, Frank was asked for input. The task was to emphasize the facility’s contribution to the city’s economic, cultural and intellectual vibrancy. The audience was diverse, including strategic partners, key influencers, downtown businesses, Calgarians and tourists.

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The Convention Centre’s new rebrand was used as a platform for a street and social media campaign celebrating four decades as the city’s premier meeting place. The program included a C-Train platform takeover, street teams armed with branded giveaways, an “age yourself 40 years” photo booth, chalk artists and a self-guided walking tour highlighting 40 quirky downtown landmarks and events covering a 40-year period. A Twitter-driven contest gave selfie photographers a chance to win a unique downtown experience.

it's a fact

The Convention Centre achieved a 30% increase of social media followers over the length of the campaign.