Applied Arts Magazine

Services Provided

  • Content Development
  • Editorial Design
  • Publication Design

Awards and Recognition

2014 Applied Arts Design Annual
Editorial Design

2014 Communication Arts Design Annual
Editorial Design

2014 Graphis

2014 Unisource Canada Print and Excellence Awards
Magazine Winner

How do you make an issue of unsung heroes?

On rare occasions, Applied Arts invites an external design studio to art direct an issue of its magazine. For Frank, this role was a daunting but exciting challenge.

There were constraints: adherence to an established size and page count and incorporation of award-winning work and advertising. There was also creative latitude: freedom to change the magazine’s grid, layout, colour palette and editorial theme, including two feature articles aimed at the design community.

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Every member of the studio participated in every phase of the issue’s development and design. After much debate, we decided to celebrate the unsung heroes of design – from printers, production artists and programmers to font designers and IT experts. We also decided that, while we wanted to reflect our studio’s ethos and style, the magazine should highlight the featured work, with content informing design.

To extend the unsung heroes theme beyond the physical magazine, a social media component was included to collect reader-nominated unsung heroes; nominees names were incorporated into the spine of the magazine. The cover, an infographic treatment of all award winners’ names, used type size to denote who’d won the most awards

Peter Giffen,
former editor

The way Frank took ownership of the project from the first day immediately put us at our ease. They took time from their busy schedule and brainstormed ideas and then went on to create one of the most memorable issues in the magazine’s history, ensuring every step in the process, from concept to final print-ready files, was smooth and perfect.