Alberta Central Credit Union

Services Provided

  • Content Development
  • Corporate Communications
  • Investor Relations Materials
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Visual Identity

Awards and Recognition

2014 Graphis

2013 Advertising & Design Club of Canada

2013 MACU AIME Awards
Outstanding Creative (Region B)

How do you help a staid culture speak with enthusiasm?

Alberta Central is the central banking facility, service bureau and trade association for 45 independent credit unions, representing 200 branches and serving 731,000 members. The organization has to address and reassure multiple audiences, from staff members to credit union members to governments. They must also attract and educate the broader public.

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Frank was approached to help the group with a significant culture shift. Alberta Central wanted to promote its new position as an organization that keeps pace with the changing financial and technical environment, and the preferences of a younger demographic. But its marketing and communications materials made credit unions seem dull, rigid, rural and old-fashioned.

The Frank team developed a comprehensive new identity system and marketing and communications program. Every element and tactic now work together to reflect the organization’s progressive new direction and highlight its “human” side: bright, youthful, approachable, caring, responsive, enthusiastic, involved.

To help Alberta Central address diverse goals and audiences – and deal with the budget constraints inherent in a non-profit organization – components like annual reports are multi-functional. A sleeve in the 2012 report carried a booklet that makes it easy to understand the basics and benefits of credit unions. The booklet was overprinted and distributed at branches across Alberta. The 2013 report was packaged to incorporate flashcards credit union managers could use to update employees on key trends in finance.

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The Annual Report creative took a life of its own, eventually being adapted to AGM materials, internal communication tools, external marketing materials and a video.