Becoming Frank

Mar 31, 2015 // Frank

What’s in a name? Last December, Sasges Inc. hit an incredible milestone: ten years of crafting brands, revealing truths and nudging type. But just as milestones give you the opportunity to reflect, they also force you to wonder what’s ahead, which is why we undertook an eight-month research, vision and planning process to better understand who we are and why clients hire us.

We were happy to discover some crucial insights about the way we work: clients liked how we engaged them in frank, honest and direct conversations that got to the root of their issue/problem; they valued the strategy behind the solution as much as they valued the award-winning creative; and finally they still had absolutely no idea how to say Sasges (that’s sas-GES for those of you who don’t know).  

At the end of the process the name “Frank” stuck. Sasges Inc. had grown beyond what clients see as ‘Rita’s Studio’ and our talented creative team have made big contributions to our clients’ success and growth. Changing our name and brand reflects that and the intimate, strategic culture of our studio. Frank Design Strategy was chosen because it says who we are and how we think and work: honestly, candidly and sincerely to find dynamic, engaging and tactical solutions to our clients’ communications challenges.”

And the best yet – after years of hearing people stumble over “Sasges”, Frank was easy to say, simple and memorable.

So we employed our own branding expertise to visually explore what Frank meant. We explored our different characters and qualities: straightforward but not dull, well dressed but not a show-off, sociable but not talkative. We drove to simplicity with the intent of maintaining our mantra of well-crafted simplicity, and we like to say we’ve hit the mark. Frank Design Strategy was born. 

So please be frank and tell us what you think. Follow us on Twitter and Instagram to stay current on our projects and thoughts. We won’t sugarcoat it – we promise.


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